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do people really get offended that pluto isn’t a planet because it’s not 


My smiling baby - Athena

Artist: Circa Survive


Circa Survive - Dyed In The Wool (A. Gayne Remix) 

someone say things to influence me to go jogging with my dog rn


oooh new follower, hello person, prepared to be disappointed 

is it me


I wish tumblr was like survivor and we could vote people off the island

I would vote myself off that island

(via circumcising)


Cats bid a final farewell to their deceased companion

At first I was like “aw these cats got some flowers” BUT THEN
You all killed him with your metaphor jokes

bantha42 reblogged your post and added:

yeh but they don’t want short mexicans with neurological disorders and no career aspirations

that’s a description of me except the mexican part 

gurtygurt replied to your post “wow i need references for these job applications do i even know…”

good luck though! i’d volunteer but the australia thing, nobody trusts convicts

hahaha i appreciate the hypothetical volunteer though!!!